The Impact of Microenterprise Support Programs in Haiti

Imagine that you don’t know how you will get your next meal. Or how you will pay for medicine for your children. Or how you will buy the basic staples that your family needs to survive and thrive.

This is many Haitians’ reality.

Having a consistent income provides stability in the day-to-day, and a safety net in times of difficulty. This is why microenterprise support opportunities in Haiti are near and dear to our heart, and part of our core mission.

And with the microenterprise support we provide in Haiti, we’ve seen a ripple-effect that has impacted the lives of many.

What Is a Microenterprise?

Microenterprise begins when an individual, or group of people begin to create or grow a business, and an organization like Practical Compassion comes alongside them to provide consistent support and stability, while encouraging the “owners” to be empowered and invested in their success.

Microenterprise plays a significant role in developing countries, especially where the quality-of-life is poor, because it allows families who may otherwise not be able to invest in their business idea, a way to make a better life with less risk. Additionally, the goods or services provided through the microenterprise endeavor often have a positive impact that spreads into the local community.

The Role of Microenterprises in Haiti

While many Haitians may have a vision for a better life and a passion to see it through, starting a business without support is almost impossible. So, what’s Practical Compassion doing to see microenterprise support programs implemented in Haitian communities?

Practical Compassion has found trust-worthy, enterprising Haitians who are looking for ways to create opportunity for themselves, and has pledged to walk alongside them. Instead of waiting for a handout, these individuals are bringing their vision to life—putting in the work and strategy to change their circumstances, support their families and in many cases, give back to those around them.

Practical Compassion Fosters Microenterprises

With a goal of supporting those we believe can do great things in Haiti, Practical Compassion is positioned to seek out honest, hard-working and trust-worthy individuals to invest in their vision and entrepreneurial spirit.

We’ve seen microenterprise help people like Yolande—an enterprising woman with a heart for children—not only feed her family, but provide a small and consistent income that she uses to support the work of the Ponte Sonde School 

With a small investment from Practical Compassion, Yolande began raising and breeding chickens. She is able to use the chickens to feed her family and the many children she takes in, and she is also able to sell them at market to create additional income for her and the school.

Another Practical Compassion graduate was able to take an investment from our organization and begin a transportation service in Haiti’s capitol of Port-a-Prince after we helped him get tires for a truck that he had converted into a tap-tap taxis.

His brother, who also graduated from a Practical Compassion school, was able to begin a school that taught others English.

Rather than planting a seed for a vision, Practical Compassion waters a seed already planted through our microenterprise support programs. Learn more about how you can partner with us to make an impact in Haitian communities or consider donating to help us further the growth of microenterprises across Haiti!