Who We Are 

Practical Compassion is a small, hands-on nonprofit organization helping to enrich the lives of Haitians by supporting educational, medical and community-based needs. We’re dedicated and passionate about working one-on-one with Haitians, providing education, opportunities for micro-business and health-based care to support them as they strive to become leaders in their communities.

Our goal is to partner with Haitians who may not have the resources, but have a strong desire to better themselves and improve their communities. Being a small, 100 percent volunteer-run Haiti mission organization means every dollar donated goes to helping the people of Haiti.

How We Operate

Potential donors ask, “How does this all work?” The simple answer is that a private donor covers all our operating expenses so that 100 percent of your gift can go directly to providing help and healing to the people of Haiti.

From board members volunteering their time, to medical staff offering services and supplies, to skilled-professionals taking care of the details of managing a non-profit—none of your donations go to covering the internal costs of running the organization.

What Drives Us

We recognize that we have been given much. By merely being born in America, we are afforded privileges that most people around the world cannot fathom. Even the poorest among us have access to basic services and opportunities that many in Haiti could only dream of. It would be nearly unheard of for our children to starve to death or have to choose between working or getting a basic education.

Our goal from the beginning has been to give back to those less fortunate by helping the poor and needy in Haiti—which nearly everyone. But we do not act out of pity. Our sincere hope is that by investing in the lives of the Haitian people, we can shift the course of their country’s future. We believe this kind of empowerment comes by providing educational opportunities and community support— and is funded by generous donors like you.

The devastation of the 2010 earthquake and the chaotic management of worldwide donations reinforced our commitment to direct every dollar donated to our strategic partners in Haiti.

When 300,000 Haitians were killed and many more seriously hurt, people all over the world wanted to help. Of the $9.3 billion pledged after the earthquake, only $2.5 billion made it to Haiti. United Nations agencies and other international non-governmental organizations ended up with 90 percent of the remaining $2.5 billion.

Two months after the earthquake, Practical Compassion took 100 percent of the money donated to us on a medical mission trip and made sure every cent was used to effectively meet urgent needs and help save lives.

Practical Compassion is committed to the people of Haiti and grateful for the support of our donors. Consider becoming a monthly contributor or sending a one-time gift.

There’s no full-time staff in Haiti from Practical Compassion. Even when the Practical Compassion team isn’t physically in Haiti, their hearts are still finding ways to help by collecting supplies and donations.


How is Practical Compassion different from other non-profits working in Haiti?

We can’t speak for other non-profits, but we can tell you that EVERY cent donated to Practical Compassion for food, education, housing, and medical needs goes completely to our cause of restoring, replenishing and helping Haiti and its people.

What about your administrative costs and legal fees, etc.?

Our ten-member Board of Directors is made up of committed volunteers who not only have a passion for the well being of the people in Haiti, but also contribute significantly on behalf of their appeal. While we do have administrative costs for things like postage, paper supplies, and printer cartridges, we have a committed organization that donates a substantial amount to cover those costs each and every month. As far as legal fees, we are very fortunate to have two very caring attorneys donating their expert legal services to us.

Who goes to Haiti?

Haiti can sometimes be a volatile country. Provided it is safe to take those who are unfamiliar with the country, we take several ‘work team’ trips each year comprised of skilled and unskilled volunteers who each pay their own way.

Is Practical Compassion a registered non-profit and is my gift tax deductible?

Practical Compassion is organized exclusively for charitable and humanitarian purposes as defined by 501(a) (1), 501(c) (3), 170(b) (1) (A) (vi) and the Internal Revenue Law. Yes! Donations are 100% tax deductible.


Medical Care Recipients


More than 8,000 Haitians have received medical care from Practical Compassion volunteers and our partners since we began this outreach.