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Get Involved & Support Haiti

The are many foundations that support Haiti. Few nonprofit organizations that donate money to Haiti can say 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to the Haitian people. When you decide to make the generous decision to donate to Haiti — and we hope that you do — be sure your donation is making the most impact for the people who need it.

Practical Compassion has no paid participants. All team members, board members, mission workers, doctors and nurses are volunteers. This is how we can transparently allocate all monies to the programs we support.

Ways to Support 

The ways you can donate to Haiti as part of the Practical Compassion Mission for Haiti include contributing your time to volunteer, helping through monetary donations or sharing your talent to serve as leads on trips.

All time, money and talent can be directed to the Practical Compassion program of your choice. You can choose from these programs options:

When you find the program that speaks to your heart, prayerfully consider what you can contribute of your time, money and talent.


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