Programs Supported by Practical Compassion

When you donate money to Haiti through Practical Compassion, you send food, meet medical needs, provide education, support microenterprise, and most importantly, empower the people of Haiti. Whether you help donate food to Haiti for starving orphans, or want to sponsor for a kid in Haiti to get a good education, Practical Compassion has many ways for you to get involved.

These four programs are vital for our Haitian partners immediate and long-term needs. As little as one dollar can do so much for someone living in abject poverty.

Medical. Practical Compassion brings North American and Haitian doctors and nurses into rural areas to give Haitians who may not otherwise have the ability to see a doctor, a chance to receive annual medical care. Our clinics offer diagnostic screenings, life-saving medicines, wound assessment, physical therapy and vision tests. Because the team works closely with Haitian medical staff, we are now seeing them prepare them to run their own clinics, independent of us.

Orphanages. Homelessness and malnutrition are major concerns for the children of Haiti. Children who live in a constant state of starvation often develop orange hair—a visible sign of the invisible hunger that is robbing their bodies of strength and their hearts of hope. Your gifts through Practical Compassion help to donate food to Haiti and sponsor orphanage feeding programs for as little as $1 per child. This lifeline feeds children who may have nowhere else to turn. Many have lost both parents and have no extended family willing or able to take care of them.

Teacher Funding. Teacher funding is an amazing way to donate to education in Haiti. We believe that education is the beginning of long-term independence, and our teacher support program makes sure that children not only have physical schools to attend but a caring, qualified staff to educate them. Most education in Haiti is shouldered by independent organizations, like Practical Compassion, since the cost of attending school is more than most families can afford.

Student Scholarships. Sponsoring a kid in Haiti is $360 a year. For $30 a month, you can provide a Haitian child with their education, uniform, and school supplies, and perhaps their only meal of the day. Imagine being able to change the course of a life for just a dollar a day. We have seen how receiving an education provides a way out of poverty for children in Haiti. Some of our first students have now completed higher education programs and are not only providing for themselves and their families, but are giving back to the communities where they live and work.

Read more on our website about each of these programs as you consider donating today



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