How Is Practical Compassion Different From Other Non-Profits Working In Haiti?

We can’t speak for other non-profits, but we can tell you that EVERY cent donated to Practical Compassion for food, education, housing, and medical needs goes completely to our cause of restoring, replenishing and helping Haiti and its people.

What About Admin Costs & Legal Fees?

Our ten-member Board of Directors is made up of committed volunteers who not only have a passion for the well being of the people in Haiti, but also contribute significantly on behalf of their appeal. While we do have administrative costs for things like postage, paper supplies, and printer cartridges, we have a committed organization that donates a substantial amount to cover those costs each and every month. As far as legal fees, we are very fortunate to have two very caring attorneys donating their expert legal services to us.

Who Can Go To Haiti?

Haiti can sometimes be a volatile country. Provided it is safe to take those who are unfamiliar with the country, we take several ‘work team’ trips each year comprised of skilled and unskilled volunteers who each pay their own way.

Is Practical Compassion a Registered Non-Profit? 

Practical Compassion is organized exclusively for charitable and humanitarian purposes as defined by 501(a) (1), 501(c) (3), 170(b) (1) (A) (vi) and the Internal Revenue Law. 

Are My Gifts & Donations Tax Deductible?

Yes! Donations are 100% tax deductible.

Is Practical Compassion Affiliated With Any Church Or Denomination?

No. There are many denominations of churches and individuals of diverse beliefs who support the people of Haiti through Practical Compassion. We believe in affirming and promoting neighbor helping neighbor approach.

How Can I Get Involved?

Glad you asked! Anyone can join in helping the people of Haiti by donating funds, material goods, advertising time, or volunteer labor. You can also invite us to do a presentation on the incredible need in Haiti at your school, club, meeting, or event. If interested in attending one of our scheduled medical trips to Haiti, please contact Rob@PracticalCompassion.org.

If you would like to be part of our Cultural Awareness Trips To Haiti, please contact Fred@PracticalCompassion.org.